About Tramadol medication

Tramadol is an oral medication that is taken to prevent the discomfort caused by moderately to severe acute pain. Tramadol oral tablets can be obtained in both forms, under the brand name (Ultram) as well in generic form.

  • Tramadol Oral tablets are available in extended-release and immediate-release forms. Tramadol extended-release pills for pain are taken once daily against severe chronic pain in adults who require round the clock treatment for a longer duration. Tramadol extended-release form works by delivering 25% of its dose within 2 hours and the rest 75% is released gradually over 24 hours. Tramadol extended-release pills must not be crushed, split, dissolved, or chewed. Tramadol ER tablets are available in the dosage forms and strengths of 100 mg, 200 mg, and 300 mg. Tramadol Immediate-release for pain works as their name indicates-fast. They start acting immediately once released into the body helping in relieving pain but their course of action does not last for a longer time.
  • Although Generic drugs are not available in different strengths, Generic tramadol online costs less when compared with the brand drug.
  • FDA has granted Tramadol as a status of a controlled substance which means it has been approved for medical purposes but with various controlled measures. The drug has to be strictly taken under the doctor’s supervision.
  • Every drug has a tendency to interact with other medications so do Tramadol oral tablets. Tramadol interactions can happen with other medications, or herbs, or vitamins/ supplements you are taking. These drug interactions alter the way how the drug works. Understanding completely about Tramadol interactions is the only key to keep the drug working well. Talk with your doctor to find out more about this drug interaction with anything you are taking.

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Tramadol 100mg, 200mg, 225mg strength

The availability of Tramadol in different strengths of 100 mg, 200 mg, and 225 mg makes it one of the top-rated opioids around the globe. Different doses & strengths are prescribed for post-operative pain management. It is also prescribed to patients with arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and cancer pain. The Use of Tramadol for cancer pain management is a proven therapeutic option to get relief. Though, Tramadol dosage intake entirely depends on your age, medical condition, the severity of pain, body response to the medication, and any other medical condition. Brief your doctor with your medical condition or allergies that you’re undergoing so that the right Tramadol dosage can be prescribed to you considering your existing health condition.

For Adults (18–64 age group)

In case you are taking an Immediate-release tablet, you will be put on 200mg/day dose which means 50mg 4 times a day which can be taken at an interval of 4-6 hrs and if you’re taking an Extended-release tablet your dose will start at 100 mg /day which will gradually be increased to 300 mg/day. A maximum dose of 400mg/day is allowed.

For teens (13–17 age group)

dol is considered unsafe for children below 17 years of age and is never recommended. In case of emergency, only Tramadol Immediate-release tablets are given starting with 50 mg/day to 200mg/day. Children below 13 years should never be given this medication.

For Senior citizen (65 years and above)

As the person gets old his/her kidneys and liver do not effectively work and process the drug slowly which results in longer retention of drugs in the body leading to much exposure to side effects.

The doctor might start with a lower dose or select a different dosing pattern which can prevent drug retention in your body to prevent risk.

Note: Our motive is to provide you with more updated and accurate information. However, as discussed earlier as well that drug treats every individual differently; we cannot assure these doses might work the same for everyone. Always consult your doctor to know more about the appropriate dose for you.

Tramadol Tolerability & Dependence

Pain overall impacts quality of life and if not treated properly it becomes extremely difficult for a person to carry out simple tasks. The treatment for this acute pain should be initiated with the appearance of the first symptom and should be completed properly on time without any fail. Owing to the good Tramadol tolerability profile, the drug is usually considered a lower-risk opioid for pain management. Do not risk your body with Tramadol dependence as it can lead to drug abuse and once your body gets addicted to this medication it will be difficult to retain body to its normal functions.

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How to order tramadol online?

Tramadol has been effectively used and recommended by doctors all over the world for pain management. If you have been prescribed Tramadol then you can approach different online pharmacy stores as they offer Tramadol online and also via the COD option. Tramadol COD offers you to pay at the time of delivery, which is beneficial for the majority of people who are not in favor of pre-payment or feel insecure about it.

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