Can Male Infertility be one of the possible side effects of Tramadol?

What is Tramadol?

Tramadol is centrally acting analgesic with double mode of action in an opiod and non opiod action. Tramadol uses prescribed to treat pain of moderate to severe intensity. This pill is dangerous and should be taken with the appropriate dosage and it should be taken with caution. Tramadol has low protein with 20 percent tissue and wide tissue distribution. It is also eliminated through the liver. If a higher dosage is taken, it can cause male infertility. This pill is also dangerous and the correct dosage must be taken to avoid severe side effects of tramadol.

Can Tramadol affect male infertility?

Tramadol can cause male infertility if not used correctly. If people take a higher dosage, it may damage your testicles which will lead to male not getting children. It has increased sperm DNA damage. It is mediated by the testicular oxidative Damage. Taking Tramadol for a long time can have an effect on the sperm quality and testicular tissues and these effects were dose dependent. The negative effects caused by Tramadol can be reversible. One can purchase tramadol 100 mg online or visit a nearest pharma store. Tramadol does also reduce the chances of a female having babies. It is also drug that is commonly abused for erotic reasons.

Uses of Tramadol

Tramadol is a commonly abused drug by young men. It has gained popularity among men and mostly young men. Tramadol also increases the chances of giving birth to an albino. Tramadol is used for sexual stimulation. The pill is used because they want to have a long lasting erection and it delays ejaculation. The scientists also found out that erotic medications are used dysfunctional and the population of young men using them is growing. Recent studies have found out that Tramadol has a low potential abuse but it is reported that there is evidence of abuse. The population of Tramadol in takers is also growing rapidly not to mention the withdrawal and addictions and easy method to order tramadol cod online.


Tramadol cannot be taken by a pregnant woman because it may harm the unborn baby. This medication passes to breast milk and can affect an infant. The child may have trouble breathing, sleeping and the child can also have trouble eating. This pill has high chances of someone overdosing the pill. Someone can overdose this pill and have serious symptoms like passing out or having trouble breathing. Some symptoms include breathing slow, a slow irregular heartbeat, comma and a seizure.

Side Effects of Tramadol

This pill has side effects just like any pill and if they get worse; doctors should be contacted. The side effects of Tramadol are:

• Interrupted breathing during sleeping
• Mental Mood changes
• Agitation
• Hallucination
• Severe stomach abdominal pain
• Difficulty urinating
• Loss of Appetite
• Unusual tiredness
• Weight Loss’

Tramadol is a dangerous pill and it can affect the chances of a female or male having a child. This pill cannot also be overdosed for it has serious symptoms. If there are any problems you get when you are taking the pills, the doctors should be contacted.